General Information

Fast Track your child’s growth through FasTracKids.

Our Pre-school is equipped with an internationally designed course, FasTracKids, for children under 6 years. This course sparks the natural curiosity in kids bringing them out with confidence and ingenious communication. The program is all set to build life-long learning skills that are essential for a bright future. Moreover FTK focuses on teaching children how to comprehend and not memorize by teaching them HOW to think, NOT WHAT to think.

Pre-school is mentored and monitored by an internationally trained educator. The kids are taken care of not only during classes but also during lunch, outdoor activities and field visits.

For more information, please visit FasTracKids.

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With a blend of national and international courses, we have designed our curriculum in such a way that kids come out with communal understanding and a broadened perspective. We conduct international tasks in our national ground which help kids act locally and think globally. FTK fits in at a critical time in child's development more precisely when a child is developing cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Our pre-school curriculum includes:

  • FasTrack – Singing
  • FasTrack – Music
  • FasTrack – Tots
  • FasTrack – Explorers
  • FasTrack – Discoverers
  • FasTrack – Fundamentals
  • FasTrack – Science
  • FasTrack – English

Beyond the Classroom

Our courses are not in any way confined within the classrooms. The international guidelines of FasTracKids comprises of various outdoor and field based activities on various topics of the curriculum. We take our students outside of classrooms as demanded by the courses on ad hoc basis.

Have a look at some of the activities Beyond the Classroom.


We have various programs, events, celebrations, field trips and so on throughout the year. Keep track of these activities through the pre-school calendar.


Our pre-school doesn’t have any uniforms up to U.K.G however they have FTK T-Shirts. Children from Grade 1 are expected to come in following uniform(s).


We offer transportation services in various locations around the valley. Each vehicle is escorted by our full time helper van-escorts. Your child is fully taken care of until they reach to their respective stops.

Transportation charges will be taken according to the distance of the stop from the school. For more information on transportation, please contact our Administration Officer at our school number or send an email to


We are pleased to let you know that we have designed our food menu on recommendation of an experienced dietician. A 3 time balanced diet meal is served for the students of pre-school.

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