General Information

Prepare your child to think and act globally.

Our Elementary School is accredited with an international franchise of International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This course is designed for the children from age group of 6 to 11 years. IPC is an extensive and innovative curriculum which helps in child’s personal development along with international understanding of the issues and ways to tackle them. International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a thematic, comprehensive and creative program that is supported by clear learning process and well defined learning goals for all subjects in every unit. Furthermore it is more focused to develop international mindedness with plenty of encouragement for personal development.

IPC is used by over 730 schools in 92 countries worldwide.Source:Fieldwork Education

International Primary Curriculum sets various learning goals for different subjects incorporated in the curriculum.

For more information, please visit: International Primary Curriculum


Our Elementary School includes both international and national curriculum to balance the learning and understanding in both arenas.

Our Elementary School’s curriculum includes plenty of IPC units for three different age groups represented as Milepost I (aged 5-7 years), Milepost II (aged 7-9 years) and Milepost III (aged 9-12 years): Some of the IPC units are:

  • A Day in the Life
  • Green Fingers!
  • Flowers and Insects
  • Active Planet
  • Land, Sea and Sky
  • What's On The Menu
  • Extreme Survivors
  • Investigators
  • Mission to Mars

Beyond the Classroom

We conduct diverse academic and non-academic activities beyond the classrooms throughout the year. These activities are conducted as and when demanded by the international and national curriculum.

Have a look at some of our activities Beyond the Classroom.


We have various programs, events, celebrations, field trips and so on throughout the year. Keep track of these activities through the elementary school calendar.


We have uniforms assigned for academic days and days including ECAs. Children from Grade 1 and above are expected to come in following uniform(s).


We offer transportation services in various locations around the valley. Each vehicle is escorted by our full time helper van-escorts. Your child is fully taken care of until they reach to their respective stops.

Transportation charges will be taken according to the distance of the stop from the school. For more information on transportation, please contact our Administration Officer at our school number or send an email to


We are pleased to let you know that we have designed our food menu on recommendation of an experienced dietician. A balanced lunch and snacks diet are served for the students of elementary school.