Workshop Duration: 18 hours

Training Venue: Online (Imperial World School)
Training Facilitators: Ms. Junita Shahi Karki and Mr. Rajendra Dahal
Participants: All the school teachers of Imperial World School
Session Mode: Online (Interaction, Collaborative Group Works, Sharing, Presentation, Project Development) 

Session Highlights

  • The nature of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment in progressive schools
  • The need for transformative education and curriculum
  • Innovative and Progressive Pedagogical approaches (Inquiry-based Learning, Project-based learning, and problem-based learning, etc.)
  • Innovative Lesson Plans for Progressive Teachers
  • Arts integration for Progressive Learners (Integrated STEAM Education)
  • Design Thinking for Progressive Teachers (Design Thinking in Action)
  • STEAM Educational Approaches for Progressive cum Transformative Education
  • Becoming a creative and critical teacher (Teacher as a change agent)


  • Teacher’s personal and professional development 
  • Preparing teachers for progressive education characterized by the holistic notion of education 
  • Making teachers critical and creative learners for pedagogical innovation 
  • Educational reform towards transformative STEAM education