Does this school have boarding facility?

No, there is no boarding facility till date.

What is the earliest age a child can join the school?

We run FTK and this program is planned for young kids of 2.5- 6 years old.

What are the international curricula run in IWS?

We run FasTracKids (FTK); International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) along with the National Curriculum.

Do the students have to sit for SEE?

Yes, students have to sit for SEE.

How do you cover national and international curriculum?

We incorporate the subjects and lesson of IPC and IMYC with National Curriculum. However Mathematics, Nepali, Science, Social Studies and other predefined subjects are taught along with IPC and IMYC.

Do children get the pressure of homework and study?

Limited home assignments are given considering the age of the students and there is no such heavy pressure of home assignment to students. Higher classes will have balanced home assignment.

What are the transportation facilities?

We have the transportation facilities for further details contact school office.

Is there a facility of food?

We offer lunch and snack prescribed by the professional dietitian. We have a complete food menu (please refer the food menu)

What is the school timing?

School opens at 8.30am in the morning and ends at 3.15pm from Sunday to Friday.

When does the session start?

School begins in the month of Baishak (First half) every year.

What is the admission process?

Refer to admission process above.