International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) is the British curriculum run in our high school. This course is for the students from 11-14 years old. This curriculum equips students with the required knowledge to be prepared for the real world. This curriculum is concept focused curriculum. This curriculum is also based on the brain friendly learning priority. Therefore like IPC, IMYC is also carried out in almost in same manner as IPC. Each unit is based on the big idea and our school gives high priority to this big idea helping students to develop their perception. This course is further supported with the media presentation that students prepare during the exit point. Educational tours are arranged for the students so that field experiences are gained by the students. Occasionally the students exchange programs are also arranged for the better learning environment. IWS train the teachers from the trainer directly from field work education in UK. This curriculum is further incorporated with the national curriculum so that our students get to prepare for their board exams.