Imperial World School has been at its service for over a decade now in a unique way to contribute its best to develop education in the country. IWS has moved forth encouraging a lifelong love for learning with academic success with the effective International curricula like FTK, IPC, IMYC along with National Curriculum.

We believe that with a strong bond with the parents, the result of our effort could be even better. Therefore in order to furnish the overall development of the children, IWS has invited an expert Mr. Sushant Kalra from India to conduct workshops on Parental Guidance to facilitate our parents to understand more about supporting their children in different aspects.

IWS will be conducting 5 different workshops focusing on different aspects that have strong impacts on children so we would like to invite everyone (existing and prospective parents) in the workshop. Please choose any one workshop relevant to you and fill in the registration form accordingly.


Day One (29th February 2020)

Most of us are unaware how much stress and anxiety our children experience in their daily routine, which impacts their productivity and mental health. The workshop provides you with tools and methods to build a stress free environment for yourself and your child.

The workshop helps the parents to get over their inhibitions around talking about sexuality and issues related with it to their children. The workshop trains parents to educate and empower their children to lead a safe and healthy life through sexuality education and thus build an open communication at home.

In today's high pressure environment, the choice between being a 'great' parent and having a 'great' career is not just stressful but leaves most of us unfulfilled. The workshop shifts the context of parenting and provides real life strategies to create quality time in your current schedule.

Day Two (1st March 2020)

Internet, mobile phones, games-every child wants it and every parent doesn't want it! Why? Because these hamper studies, concentration, eye sight! We shall help you leverage technology for the benefit of your child, that's the promise of this intervention!

Are you tired of your child's tantrum? If so we have the way to handle it in better way. Handling their tantrum could help you to guide your child in a productive manner so that the overall development of your child could be achieved.