The school implements the most affective, research based learning strategies through the way of teaching that is recognized globally. The school gives the opportunity to the kids to investigate, experience, understand that world around them and to connect learning with their curiosity. The students are prepared to participate effectively in the digitally driven world with the technology integrated school curriculum. They learn in the classroom that is equipped with an "Interactive Learning Station" that allow instructors to incorporate multimedia, video, sound, and illustrations into classroom sessions and enables students to interact with objects and images they see on the screen. The learning station has proven to increase both motivation and comprehension as the technology appeals to students who learn in different ways. In addition, the students also have access to a state of the art computer lab with dedicated internet connection. Tuning some of the tasks of IPC and IMYC in local context, educational excursions are arranged for the students so that they learn through experience and research. Learning experience is further boosted quite often by the role play inside and outside the classroom. School gives priority to the extracurricular activities to enhance child's development further and school provides enough scope to students to participate in inter and intra school competition.

The school follows a unique style of teaching and is committed to hiring experienced teachers of the highest caliber who love children and who are passionately committed to helping them succeed. Classes are small with a standard student teacher ratio so as to ensure individualized attention for each child. The teaching is more focused toward developing creative thinking and problem solving rather than rote learning. Finally, we train teachers every year so that the international curricula are well implemented and that students receive all the care and attention they need in order to meet the objectives of those curricula.