Motivation plays an important role in the pedagogy. Motivation is a technique that prepares students to be ready and enthusiastic to learn. So motivation in IWS is highly prioritized. In fact the curriculum like IPC and IMYC has well structured part in every unit and is called Entry Point. Entry Point is conducted in the beginning of each IPC and IMYC unit. Students celebrate the activities under Entry Point that motivates students to understand the fundamental concept of the IPC and IMYC unit. So that when students learn the tasks in the unit they connect the learning with the entry point and eventually construct the ideas. Furthermore, IWS provides enough scope to student so that they could learn different life skills. The culture in the school motivates students to develop international mindedness. Motivation to develop the critical thinking is equally prioritized in the school. Extracurricular activities are another motivation for students to socialize locally and globally. National curriculum on one hand motivates students to fulfill the national objectives whereas FTK, IPC and IMYC motivate them to be the part of global importance. Hence, with a combination of this world’s best research based curricula and the national curriculum, IWS stands as the school which gives an international feel without losing the touch of ‘home’. IWS motivates students to be a lifelong learner and at the same time IWS cultivates the love for learning.