With an advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the skills one needs to develop for his or her competent presence in the global marked has become a challenge and grooming up of such skills without international mindedness are not enough. IWS is already in the line to develop international mindedness in the students so that life skills required for the competent existence in the modern society could be nurtured well. Different subjects within the IPC and IMYC units are versatile and don’t neglect the art culture and history. Moreover, the subjects like ICT and International prepare our students to be conscious about the rapid changes that are taking place in the modern world.
Learning strategies is another beauty of IWS as we follow the brain friendly learning priorities. These priorities help students to learn scientifically developing the perception accurately. Learning theory, constructivism, has been given the priority by the curriculum we are running in the school. Our modern infrastructure and hi-tech ICT tools support the teaching learning activities. ICT based learning curriculum provides all the essentials to develop life skills required for the modern life. Teachers are trained and experienced to carry out the IPC and IMYC tasks justifiably. Field trips and educational tour are assets to support learning with fun. Survey and research are common in teaching and learning activities in IWS. Moreover IWS give equal priority to extracurricular activities developing the motor skills in students.