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Mathematics Conference

Mathematics education is the cornerstone of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for students' academic and professional success. Recognizing the significance of effective math teaching methodologies, Imperial World School is proud to present the "Teaching and Learning Mathematics Conference." This conference aims to bring together educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to explore innovative approaches, share best practices, and foster collaboration in mathematics education.


The Teaching and Learning Mathematics Conference aims to:
  • Provide a platform for educators to exchange ideas and insights on effective teaching strategies in mathematics.
  • Highlight the importance of mathematics in daily life and its relevance across various disciplines.
  • Explore current practices, trends, and challenges in mathematics education.
  • Offer professional development opportunities to enhance educators' pedagogical skills and classroom practices.

Key Themes

The conference will focus on the following key themes:
  • Importance of Mathematics in Daily Life
  • Current Practices in Mathematics Education
  • Integrating Technology in Math Classrooms
  • Hands-On Activities for Teaching Mathematics
  • Developing Assessment Items for School Mathematics

Conference Structure

Opening Ceremony (9:00 AM - 10.00 AM)

  • Welcome address by Junita Karki, Principal, Imperial World School
  • Overview of the conference
Short speeches by Each Dignitaries
Mithha Ram Adhikari, Special Guest
(Mayor, Budhanilkantha Municipality)

Pramila Bajracharya, Special Guest
(Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology)

Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan, Chief Guest
(Former Vice Chancellor, Tribhuvan University)

Keynote Address (10 AM - 11.00 AM)

"Importance of Mathematics in Today's World"
by Prof. Dr. Min Bahadur Shrestha, Past Chairman Subject Committee, CDC

Break and Networking (11:00 AM - 11:15 AM)

Tea/Cookies break for participants to network and interact.

Paper Presentation: (11.15am- 12.15pm)

Topic: CRA Approach: An Action Research
Jeet Bdr. Tamang
(Math Teacher, IWS)

Topic: STEAM based Mathematics Teaching
Asst. Prof. Binod Prasad Pant
(HoD, STEAM Education, Kathmandu University)

Topic: Pedagogy for 21st Century Education
Dr. Shyam Prasad Acharya
[Curriculum Expert (Maths), CDC Nepal]

Lunch Break and Poster session (12.15 pm- 1.00 pm)

Poster session showcasing innovative teaching methods, projects, and research by teachers and students.

Workshop Session (1:00 PM - 2:30 PM)

Option 1: "Integrating Technology in Math Classrooms"
Asst. Prof. Dr. Bed Prasad Dhakal
Tribhuwan University

Option 2: "Developing assessment items for school Mathematics"
Ram Chandra Dhakal
[Curriculum Expert (Maths), CDC Nepal]

Option 3: "Hands-On Activities for Teaching Mathematics"
H.N. Upadhyaya
IWS Math Resource person

Panel Discussion: "Current Practice in Math Education" (2.45 pm- 3:45 PM)

"Current Practice in Math Education"

Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan, Former Vice Chancellor, Tribhuan University
Dr. Lekh Nath Poudel, Former DG ,Curriculum Development Center
Prof. Dr. Kanhaiya Jha, Former Dean, Kathmandu University, School of Science
Assoc. Prof. Dhana Thapa Budhathoki, President WoNiMS

Asst. Prof Binod Prasad Pant

Closing Remarks and Acknowledgments (3:45 PM - 4:10 PM)

Networking and High Tea (4:30 PM - 5:30 PM)

Informal networking session with High-Tea, providing opportunities for educators to connect, share experiences, and collaborate.


The Teaching and Learning Mathematics Conference offers a platform for educators to engage in meaningful discussions, gain valuable insights, and enhance their teaching practices to inspire the next generation of mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.

Join us at the conference as we unite to advance mathematics education and empower educators to create impactful learning experiences for students.

For inquiries and registration, please contact Mr. Saroj Chandra K.C 9803212144