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Dr. Shovana Bajracharya

Senior political analyst of professional translator, Embassy of Japan in Nepal

I have known IWS since its inception and long before my son was born. The second time I encountered IWS was after the 2015 earthquake. The school seemed severely affected by the earthquake and was on the verge of a crisis. The third time was during its rebuilding phase. And they did indeed “build back better”. Both my husband and I were very impressed by the zeal, persistence, resilience and relentless determination of the founder - chairman and his team to establish a good school. As a result , we decided to enroll our son in this school.

It has been two years since our son enrolled in IWS and we are immensely grateful for the transformative impact the school environment and dedicated teachers have had on his growth and development. A testament to this progress is his newfound proficiency in Nepali writing. Just two years ago, he struggled to compose even a single paragraph in Nepali. However, we are now bursting with pride as he has independently crafted a captivating story in Nepali , which is published in the short story collection book of IWS this year.

This achievement is particularly meaningful to us, as it stems from his early exposure to bed time storytelling, which I shared with him as a part of our family’s history in “Nepal Bhasha”. Through the guidance of his teachers, he skillfully translated his imagination into words, weaving together elements from his greatgranduncle’s real life story into a compelling narrative. We couldn’t be prouder of his creativity and linguistic mastery. It is a true reflection of an exceptional teaching at IWS.

Unlike traditional method schools, which typically emphasize rote learning and adherence to established curriculum and rules, IWS focuses on student-centered learning an hands-on experiences that help foster creativity, critical thinking and adaptability. While there may be some challenges in standardization or assessments, the benefits of IWS’s approach are evident in the well-rounded development of its students. If the ambition of the school management, dedication and professionalism of teachers, and collaboration of parents come together, we are confident that IWS will undoubtedly become the alma mater that our children will proudly cherish for a life time !

Thank you and wish you all the best !

Asst. Prof. Binod Prasad Pant

Head, Department of STEAM Education Kathmandu University School of Education

As a parent, one of my worries was finding the appropriate school in the Kathmandu Valley. Working in the field of education for several years, I had few expectations as a parent. I became satisfied when I enrolled my child in Imperial World School. The most important reason is the learning environment the school created, with enough open spaces, a resourceful library, labs, and a dedicated team of teachers and administrators. Next, the careful blend of academic activities and the exposure to several extracurricular activities while my child got enough exposure to sports and other activities. The incorporation of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) added another value to integrated teaching and sustainable development. The frequent communication with parents and individual care for the students enhanced my child’s learning. At one of the family functions, one of my relatives asked my son, “Babu, do you want to study at other schools if your parents enroll you? He came to me and said, “Baba, please, I will study at IWS until grade 10. I don’t want to change the school.” This also shows my child’s emotional attachment to the school family.

In the coming days, I wish the school all the best.