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Vision & Mission

IWS is a holistic learning centre that nurtures students to become responsible, well-rounded people who can think for themselves no matter where they are - in Nepal or abroad.

The school gives children more than just an education; they are also equipped with valuable life and social skills. We strive to develop each child’s potential and cultivate within them a genuine love of learning.

By combining two of the world’s best research-based curricula - the International Primary Curriculum and the International Middle Years Curriculum - with Nepal’s National Curriculum, IWS offers pupils an international learning experience without disconnecting them from their homeland.
Our mission is to provide a world-class academic foundation upon which children can learn, grow and discover their strengths.
Besides offering a superlative learning environment, the infrastructure, facilities and well qualified academic staff at IWS will help your child make the most of their school years.

Imperial World School
A Disaster Prepared School
Safe Haven for Children