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Madan Ashrit Adarsha Basic School - Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR]

"As we commence the academic session, we're excited to announce the beginning of a meaningful collaboration with Madan Ashrit Adarsha Basic School, a community school. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, IWS has partnered with Madan Ashrit Adarsha Basic School. Today, our grade 9 and 10 students, alongside teachers, worked with the school team and students to enhance the school premises and classrooms. They formed meaningful connections with new peers and brought joy to young children through engaging activities. Play Nepal, our supporter, entertained primary graders with fun-filled games. Our students planted flowers and fruit-bearing plants to beautify the school premises and contribute to SDG goals. They whitewashed the school boundary walls and entrance, giving them a fresh look. Additionally, they created artwork to rejuvenate the School Library. Our students also shared in the community school lunch provided by the government, gaining insight into the daily life of students in such schools and identifying areas needing support and management focus. In essence, this CSR initiative marks the first step towards a meaningful and sustainable relationship between our two school communities, fostering unlimited learning, sharing, and networking opportunities."