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Why Imperial World School?

Is Imperial World School among the leading schools of the country?

Individual student attention

At IWS we do our best to give each child the care and attention they deserve, while treating all students equally.

Fun & spacious campus

The IWS campus is a child-friendly space with facilities that support both playing and learning. The spacious grounds that are home to sports and games areas are loved by kids.

Balanced teacher-student ratio

In some classes the teacher-student ratio is 15:1. However, the number of students per class will not exceed 30.

International curricula

The IPC and IMYC let students have a taste of learning and life beyond their country’s borders. These international curricula are a firm favourite of both students and their parents.

Life skills workshops

We believe that preparing children for all aspects of life is of utmost importance. This is why we arrange workshops for both students and parents on topics such as oral hygiene and table manners.

Communication with parents

Formal Parent-Teaching Meetings are held four times a year to discuss students’ progress, although informal meetings can be arranged when needed.

Sturdy infrastructure

Our newly-constructed school building - that was carefully constructed to be earthquake resistant - is highly valued by parents.

Happy tummy, happy child

The school lunches and snacks served at our cafeteria have been meticulously planned by a dietician. These meals cater to your child’s nutritional needs, in order to support their growth and development.

Learner-centric teaching methodology

Many parents remark that they chose IWS because of its modern and learner-centric teaching methodology. The style of teaching here gives students ample chances to interact with teachers and even lead their own learning.

Qualified teachers and staff

To create an environment where children can feel secure and learn as much as they can, our teachers and staff are trained to ensure that IWS students get the best possible educational experience.

Imperial World School
A Disaster Prepared School
Safe Haven for Children