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So what is one goal, one difference that IWS is marching towards?

The goal of inculcating Global Citizenship in the young minds and hearts of our students. Why Global Citizenship Education? We believe it is the need of the hour, globally.

Technology has built a façade of worldwide interconnectedness in areas of mass communication and knowledge sharing.

The globe has shrunk under the skies of superfast travel modes. Astronomers and cosmologists make us stand on new heights, probing into outer space and the hidden mysteries therein. While all the time, around us, on our planet, inequality, aggression, poverty, hate and violence continue erupting, spewing out human misery and shame.

Do we, the drivers of academic institutions and schools, have a role to discharge, a difference to make, in this period of time that threatens the very fabric of being a human?

Imperial World School’s answer is ‘Yes, there’s a role to fulfil, a goal to meet, a response to make.’ And how? IWS joins UNESCO in promoting Global Citizenship Education. What is Global Citizenship Education?
According to UNESCO, Global Citizenship Education is about empowering students with knowledge to better understand world complexities, from the local to the global level. Global Citizenship Education develops socio-emotional fitness by inculcating social inclusion, learning to acknowledge, respect and work with diversity. Global Citizenship Education teaches globally acceptable conduct or behavior conducive to peaceful relationships.

How is Imperial World School promoting Global Citizenship Education? We have worked out a 3 pronged approach, closely aligned with UNESCO recommendations.

1Creating awareness of world complexities via talks on the Holocaust, the Rwanda Conflict, Human Rights and the Global Economic system as it exists. All of this to help students recognize and avoid every form of aggression, violence and hate, right from grassroots!
2Teaching Social Inclusion by practice. IWS has taken up the Deaf Community as a case study. We are building a bridge of respect and inclusion by assigning time each week for an accomplished and energized young Deaf instructor to teach Sign Language to our students. Beginning with the basics of ASL and moving on to Nepali Sign Language. It’s a lifetime experience for our students as they learn to be taught by a Deaf teacher, in silence. All about cultivating love and respect for diversity! But there’s more. Sign Language enhances cognitive skills and spatial sense as recognized the world over.
3Enhancing globally acceptable social skills conducive to successful networking and relationships, no matter where one is on the globe. We teach the importance and art of verbal communication. We discuss with our students the need to develop spiritual health, the fourth dimension of wellness, as once recommended by a WHO Executive Board.

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