We offer transportation services in various locations around the valley. Each vehicle is escorted by our full time helper van-escorts. Your child is fully taken care of until they reach to their respective stops. Transportation charges will be taken according to the distance of the stop from the school. For more information on transportation, please contact our Administration Officer at our school number or send an email to


 All classrooms are brightly painted with large windows that provide ample access to natural light, and are equipped with child-sized furniture and individual libraries with age appropriate reading material selected by a literacy expert.
IWS is equipped with a school-wide library with more than 2000 volumes and a full-time librarian who is an expert in children’s literature. The librarian works closely with teachers to supplement subject area studies.



To enhance personal skills and a sense of responsibility, different clubs have been established at IWS. Some of our major clubs are:

  • 1. Music
  • 2. Dance
  • 3. Taekwondo
  • 4. Yoga
  • 5. Art & Craft

Besides these clubs, students participate in various lessons throughout the year for their all round development. Some of the lessons include:

  • 1. Swimming
  • 2. Futsal
  • 3. Cricket
  • 4. Field activities
  • 5. PowerPoint presentation classes
  • 6. Handwriting classes

Our students also participate in many inter and intra school competitions in national and international platforms. Some of the platforms where our students have showcased our talents are:

  • 1. Spelling Contest
  • 2. Mini Marathon
  • 3. Model United Nation (MUN)
  • 4. Swimming gala
  • 5. Little star contest
  • 6. Fancy dress contest
  • 7. Voices of FTK
  • 8. Inter i-color games and sports activities

Educational Tour

IWS gives priority to educational tour to fulfill the requirement of the course especially International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). For senior students over night tours are arranged depending on the need of the course. Short tours are for every one depending on the need.


IWS gives priority to the communication with the guardians. Imperial World School app will be serving our parents throughout and parents can also reciprocate with the management through this application. Besides, SMS service is there to inform important and urgent information of the school. Moreover, Student's diary will be there as a means of communication.

Professional Development Environment

School provides suitable environment to the students to develop overall development that ranges from dining table etiquette to socialization skill. IWS gives high priority to international mindedness and lifelong learning.