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Junita Karki, Principal

Junita Karki, Principal

I observed them scaling new heights to teach, empower and adorn young lives entrusted to their care. Sending out visionary leaders, contributors and innovators. I was inspired to be a part of this global mission. Which in the words of Martin Luther King was ‘to teach to think intensively and critically. To combine intelligence with character. Making it the goal of true education.
“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle

Imperial World School is a progressive school. With the national curriculum as our initial learning platform, we moved forward and literally pioneered a partnership with the International Primary Curriculum and the International Middle Year Curriculum. All part of our mission to help our students learn and love learning, as Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘learn like we are going to live forever!

IWS is also mindful of UNESCO’s Global Citizenship Education focused on empowering learners of all ages to understand and accept individual responsibility to see the globe through ethical lens. Promoting respect for diversity, supporting multilingualism and being equipped with social skills to navigate as peacemakers in the 21st century.

Our students learn Signed Communication from a Deaf tutor as part of learning to respect and accept diversity. Shaping minds and hearts, very early on, to value tolerance and reject violence, we have history talks on subjects like the Holocaust and the Rwanda conflict. Structured training to develop soft and related social skills is also part of education at IWS.

Sports, they say, is not only about physical and mental fitness. It’s about accountability, leadership, facing challenges and being a team player. And at IWS sports is given uncompromising and high importance. All facilitated, not only by our experienced and passionate instructors, but also by the unusually spacious grounds occupying some 2.76 acres. And for those inclined to stretch beyond sports, we have classes in music, folk and contemporary dance.

Physical safety of children is a prime concern for every parent and guardian. All the more when we remember our country lies on a seismic belt. But at IWS, our sturdy buildings, all on the ground floor and surrounded by extensive and open spaces of green and concrete courts assure immediate security in case of sudden crisis.

Looking back, there is a deep sense of satisfaction as we see progressive IWS milestones through the years. Testimonials of students synergized with modern teaching-learning technology, each one contributing in a generation of well informed and emotionally sound members of society! We are energized to continue giving more and better to our students now and into the future, nurturing a growth holistic and vibrant.

I welcome you to be a part of our community, committed to learning for life!

Imperial World School
A Disaster Prepared School
Safe Haven for Children